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December 2020

Retirement of Catherine “Kitty” Raye-Wong

By Announcements

As of December 31, 2020, Catherine “Kitty” Raye-Wong has decided after 27 years of practice to retire. Catherine and the rest of Raye-Wong & Associates merged with ARCR in 2013. No one could have envisioned how well that merger would have worked out for both sides. Raye-Wong & Associates started when Kitty left her work at the court to work for Richard Henson. Shortly after she joined, Mr. Henson passed away suddenly of a heart attack, and Kitty found herself having to run Mr. Henson’s practice. Kitty ran that practice extremely well and grew it into Raye Wong & Associates. Many of the cases that we work on today come from Kitty’s hard work in developing a large, dedicated client base.

Kitty also added several strong pieces to her previous firm. And while Kitty is retiring, we are fortunate to have Leticia, Holly, Kathy, Karena, Billy & Jaedra still with us from Raye-Wong & Associates.

We wish Kitty the best of luck in retirement after her successful career. We hope that Kitty will continue to visit the office when she needs a break from retirement because we have read that “the trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”

And even if she does not need a break, we hope to continue to see and connect with Kitty in 2021 and beyond because, in the words of one wise attorney, “There are big ships. There are small ships. There are ships that sail the seas, but the greatest ships of all are friendships.”

Thank you again, Kitty!

With gratitude from your entire ARCR family ~